Who has something to gain

Who has something to gain? Cui bono?

If the Chariho parents, voters, and taxpayers approve the $150M bond obligation?

Some are quite obvious . . .

➢ Bond buyers. Bond sellers. Bond traders.

➢ Architects. Engineers. Designers. Purchasing agents.

➢ Construction workers. Contractors. Building material vendors.

➢ Rhode Island Department of Education

➢ The S/L/A/M Collaborative – Architecture. Engineering. Construction

➢ The New England Collaborative – High Performance Schools

➢ The High Performance - Net-Zero Warriors

➢ The High Performance - Climate Change Champions

➢ The High Performance - Sustainability Crusaders

➢ Chariho’s Superintendent

➢ Chariho’s School Committee

➢ Chariho’s Director of Finance & the Director of Building & Grounds

What about the STUDENTS?

➢ The 50% who cannot even read at grade level?

➢ The 70% who cannot do math at grade level?

➢ The 243 kids who will lose their special “learning community” on the hill?

What about the PARENTS?

➢ What will they gain? Other than a bigger tax bill?

➢ Will they see higher performance in their children’s education?

➢ Will they vote “No” on May 7th? While their voice and their vote still count?

Cui bono – Cicero:“the principle that probable responsibility for an act or event lies with the one having something to gain.”

By Tom Marron